A Day in the Life of a Winery Worker

Working in a winery can be totally exhausting. There are hundreds of tasks to be accomplished, too much information to analyze, thousands of people to manage, and high expectations to meet. Hitting my favorite recliner at the end of the day is often the best feeling I experience.

Early Mornings

The day starts early for a winery worker. It all beginswith an early-morning inspection of the grape vines; making sure that no vine is all drenched up by the morning dew. A daily walk in the vineyard is an excellent after-breakfast routine. Once the inspection is done, it is time for the toolbox meeting. This is where the field workers are briefed about the potential hazards in the vineyards and safe execution of their duties. Also, specific instructions are passed on to them regarding the methods of dealing the problems spotted during the inspection.

All in a Day’s Work

Once field work has begun, it is time for phone calls and paperwork. Suppliers of production materials have to be notified about the problems and delays in their deliveries. Clients have to be updated about the status of their orders and requests. Contracts have to checked and reviewed to avoid any problems and conflicts.

When the field workers are on break, it’s time to check how they have done their work. Another inspection is done at midday to see if the field workers have checked and secured the trellis and the vine training system of the grapes. This is important to make sure that the grape vines are growing well and to avoid irreparable stem damage.

Lunch breaks should be quick since there are still pending tasks to finish. Inventory is one of the most complicated daily tasks in a winery. Cellars and stock rooms have to be surveyed to ensure that all wine bottles and company supplies are accounted for. Lastly, the storage house should be visited. The vats should be sealed and the thermostat should be set at the ideal temperature.

A Long Day

Going home is certainly the best part of the day in the life of a winery worker. Resting on a recliner in the comforts of your home is truly rejuvenating. The flexibility of a recliner and the angles it can shift into, guarantee excellent lumbar support. The cushioning of this piece of furniture soothes tired muscles and joints from head to toe.

To cap the night off, a good movie or a well-written book can be enjoyed while sitting on the recliner.  Having a recliner is a simple pleasure that anyone should try, especially the industrious winery workers.

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