Food Establishments in Wineries

Wineries periodically host wine tasting events to introduce their new creations right before they hit the shelves. Traditionally, food pairings are done to help wine tasters experience the complementing and contrasting burst of flavors and texture when a particular type of wine is paired with certain foods. To add another dimension to the tasting, we have added top notch propane smoker to the cooking arsnel.

Most Common Food and Wine Pairings

Wine and Cheese

Cheese is definitely one of the best culinary creations to have existed. The endless list of cheese types matches the wide array of wine selection. The unique flavors created by the fat in cheese can be perfectly balanced by the wine’s acidity. Camembert, Gouda, Brie, Gorgonzola, and Gruyere cheese are a common sight in wine tasting events.

Wine and Cold Cuts

Cold cuts or lunch meats are savory by nature and their deep flavors arethe perfect instruments to explore the different dimensions of a wine’s taste.During wine tasting, cold cuts are served on platters and in equal parts with the cheese. The cold cuts popularly paired with wine are ham, salami, roasted turkey slices, bologna, and prosciutto.

Wine Tasting – a Profit Booster

Wine tasting has evolved from merely a sensory evaluation of wine to an ingenious marketing and promotional strategy.

Building a restaurant in the winery is a great opportunity to introduce house blend wines. The restaurant should feature an exceptional dinner and bar menu with great food selection and wine pairing suggestions. A winery restaurant is an excellent long term investment.

Barbecue can be used as an implement to subtly discuss which types of wine are best paired with meat. So, setting up a “barbecue area” or a “grill station” inside the winery is also a great idea. Installing a large gas grill and smoker for cooking barbecue makes a winery less intimidating. It creates a laid-back and homey ambience to balance out the classy atmosphere of wine tasting events.

The best way to promote the food and dining services a winery offers is through inviting people to wine tasting events.

Having a food establishment inside a winery is more than just selling food. It is about selling to people a fine dining experience and the elegance and class of wine tasting.

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